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Posted by: OLLie on: June 7, 2007

I may sound like I’m totally in love with MHG in my blog, but in reality, I’m already 99% over MHG. The 1% is still lingering around. So the further I stay away from him the better.

I have no courage to cut my hair. So no matter what MHG says, my hair still stays long and silk-like.

I have a face that looks like I’m pissed when I’m not smiling. But I swear that that’s just the way it is. I cant possibly grin all day long, can I?

I was actually a girl who was really sociable and hyper and crazy, just that I lost her along the way.

Oh, and I think D thinks that I’m like a chilli padi. Fiery hot. Too bad, I have mellowed down alot since D knew me during my JC years.

I find that jealousy is really vile. That’s why I try to ignore it as best as I can. But jealousy is like Venom in the Spidey show, which sticks to you like poison, and overcomes you (alright. ME.) totally.

I am really terrified of the discovery of my blog by my family members, so it’s crucial I do not reveal my identity.

And I feel naked when someone just smsed me “Hey, I just saw you working at XX place.” and I totally cant remember how the person look like (bad memory). Say Hi next time k? I promise I won’t bite.

8 Responses to "Clarifications"

Hey, I sent u an email (to your gmail) but you didn’t reply.

takchek: Yep, I got it. =)

same here. blog shld stay eh. annoy-a-mous because its my only outlet to vent/rant my frustrations before i bite anyone in real life! and its awkward to say it out sometimes to ppl u know tats why we blog..

but some ppl just like to expose ur identity. sigh! :(

Hey. I removed your picture from my blog liao.

Didn’t realise all that camwhoring was for the other blog and not this one.

charps: Yeah, you are so very right. Actually this blog is not that annoymous as I have quite a few friends who know me in real life reading it. But I’m alright with them reading la. It’s just that some people might expose me unknowingly.

Jay: Ah. Phew. Now you exposed another thing.

u are still anonymous to me leh…..

An: Hahaha.. Aiya, soon. Soon. I will meet you pretty soon! (but my schedule is already packed from now till 20th July. Shit.) Otherwise you can come and look for me? But do sms me before coming down ’cause I’m taking a few days off to mug for my paper.

orh… sigh..

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