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Dead tired.

Posted by: OLLie on: May 18, 2007

I. Am. Dead. Tired.

Am working again. At another roadshow. :)

As I was walking home just now, I thought I saw a white flash across the sky. And I thought I saw a ghost or something. Either that, or I was imagining the white flash ’cause my mind tend to go into the hallucination mode when I’m damn tired.

Then I continued to walk somemore, and this time round, the white flash flashed in front of me! Just right in front. Like 2 metres away from me.

And it was a bloody freaking lightning.

Bloody hell. I nearly died in my ugly working uniform. If wanna die, must also die in a glam way mah. I don’t wanna get burnt to death man.

What’s worse was I was actually crossing a road when this thing happened. Think the drivers in the cars saw my stunned expression + hand-to-mouth action + wide opened (but damn tired) eyes + jumping (slightly) into the air. Damn paiseh. Grrr..

4 Responses to "Dead tired."

where is the roadshow? i wanna get a new laptop!

weige: Haiyo. You know I won’t say one, you still ask?

Anyway, go PC show and get? For all you know you might bump into me. hahaha..

haha…now where got PC show?

i dun like PC show leh…so many pple!!

weige: Aiyo, got PC show coming up! the 31st May to 3rd June I think. I’m not too sure. Hahaha.. Am not working there though. Gotta fight for commission, too damn tiring.

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