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Posted by: OLLie on: April 13, 2007

To the people who knows of my blog in real life,

I gave you the blog add with all my trust and confidence that you will not share it with any other people. With the blog add, I gave you the inner side of my life, the side that I hide away from the rest of the people that I don’t trust, the side which curse and swear at will at whoever pisses me off in reality.

Even my family members don’t have a single idea about this blog.

I don’t wish to go through another traumatising experience of relocating my blog. I toiled hard for this blog, and trust me, to realize that I had to close down my blog the other time left a huge scar on me.

Regarding MHG, yes, it’s someone from school. Stop speculating. If you want to know who it is, ask me face to face. I hope you’ll just keep my private life private. I don’t wish to be the centre of all gossips as you know how wildly the gossips fly about in school.

I hope my trust in you will not be destroyed.



p/s: to all my blog readers out there who is not involved in this, I’m so very sorry, I’m not referring to you. Pardon me please.

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