oooh lah lah.. i like it!

Disfigured Part 2

Posted by: OLLie on: September 27, 2006

With regards to yesterday's post of my knee being disfigured, something interesting came up.

I didn't realize scar can also become a tattoo:

With thanks to JayWalk

Win liao. I didn't know scar can become a centipede sia. Draw till so chio somemore. 

But seriously, it looks damn gross leh!!! Piang eh!! Scary lo! 

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Acherly hor, can do butterfly. Then when you flex your knee as you walk hor, the “wings” will be flapping…..

hahaha! maybe u shld really try it

JayWalk: Really ar. Kk. You draw. I see. hahaha..

erinna: Ew. No!!! Looks so er xin!!!

it will fade. give it a few year’s time lah. but there are creams available at pharmacies to help the scar fade faster though.

Nah. Draw liao. Butterfry give you.

Click Here

wa….impressed! *claps for Jaywalk*
very creative and beautiful!

lien: Hais. I guess I have to wait for it to slowly fade over the years then. Thanks anyway (:

JayWalk: Your butterFry very artisitic ar? but the body abit too fat leh. haha..

weige: Of course! Otherwise I wouldnt have acknowledged him as my shifu. :)

er.. haha.. scars dont fade so easily dear.. ah crap.. thats why my legs are so riddled with them..

if u are not into wearing jeans, how abt stockings? like those PRC pple, wear until can see the end of the stockings on ur thigh kind? hahahaha

Bor pian. Scar fat, so butterfry also fat lor…..

erinna: Oooh. I remember the long kang scar!!! :D

weige: Oooh. I didn’t know you have this kinda weird fetish. No worries. You can go attack those with stockings that are worn till the thigh kind. I will keep myself farrr farrrrrrr away from those stockings. :)

JayWalk: eeyer. You can photoshop it thinner de ma.

got centipede… ah beng raise rank already

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