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Long hair, quick! Grow back!

Posted by: OLLie on: June 13, 2006

Looking at my sister's long silky hair, I realized I miss my long hair. ALOT.

Picture taken away.

Focus on the hair, not my fat cheeks. See how long and silky it was?

Then my mom just had to come and tell me how ugly my hair was. It was such a huge emotional setback when one's mommy dearest tell one that one's hair looks totally ugly, that I went to chop it off.

Thinking back, my mom thinks rebonded hair is bad, curls will make me look old, layering of hair looks ugly, and the best kinda hairstyle is the mushroomy hair — I probably should have thought about it twice before I chopped it off.

Should have just trimmed it lo.

Now my sister keeps flinging her hair around in my presence when all I have is this tiny little ponytail that doesnt fly around when I fling it. :(


So that no matter how flustered I am, my hair would still look in place.

So that even if I wake up late and do not have the time to shower, my hair would not stick out at the weirdest angle, and all I can do is to use water to tame it down.

So that even without combing for a few days, there would still be no tangles. (No la. I do comb my hair.)

That's why I conclude that I was nuts to have listened to my mom on 3rd March 2006 and went to chop it off. Yeah, I was that traumatised that I rememebered the date of the death of my 25cm length of hair.

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Milk helps. And washing hair daily helps.

I think massaging to scalp also helps.

I love short hair. :D
But i kinda miss my longish hair too…

i know i know, go do hair extensions! heh

ollie! the jeans is bursting!!

ollie, u can join me. i vowed to castrate myself if i cut my hair again.

Hair usually grows abt half inch a month.. wait patiently bah…

Hair extension very expensive… just wait bah… *pat pat*

faeline: Milk? As in drinking it as using it to wash the hair?

lbandit: I’m too lazy to massage my scalp myself. hahahahah.. I’m a pampered girl.

Fat Fingers: I miss mine badly. :(

weige: Hair extensions are gross.

And they arent bursting! -___________________-

myinnervoicespeaksup: How to castrate? Nothing to cut off leh.

An: Half an inch… I think I must wait for years before they grow back to the length of my waist again. Sigh.

To drink… apparently the protein helps. I heard washing hair in beer helps too, but olllie is underage … cannot buy beer :P And on top of it beer stinks …

faeline: Eh, I’m 20. No longer underage la. 18 can drink liao. hahaha..

I have this beer mask for the hair from Watson’s. But it doesnt help it to grow I guess.

how long is your hair now? I thought it still looked quite long in the photo u posted some time ago.

nvm lah.. think on the bright side. it’ll be long soon! meanwhile, shorter hair means less burden on the scalp :)

But actually, your hair’s not very short mah. It looks nice in the picture above. :) Really…

babe…. this always happen when u cut ur hair la. -___-” .. so these days everytime u ask should you cut your hair.. i tell u not to.. haha..

don’t worry it’ll grow back fast and then you will have beautiful hair again. :)

Who still listens to mother about his/her own hair nowadays. Pfft.

kooka: The thing is, I went to cut it again after the pic that I posted. So it’s even shorter. Imagine a sparrow’s tail. It looks like that when I tie it all up.

I think I asked for it man. hahaha..

An: Nono. That is the before pic. The after pic hor, haha.. I’m too lazy to post it up.

erinna: Oh yea. You should have known! I always complain after I cut my hair! hahaha..

heather: I think it will take years. I took 3 years to grow it to my waist from mushroomy hair. Think I will take a year or more to reach it again.

hai. I really asked for this man.

Zhe Bin: An opinion is still an opinion what. How I know ar.. hais.

sparrow’s tail also cute ma! too long use up more shampoo, so now can save on shampoo costs! =)

weige: Cute? Ugly!

doe sthat mean if she say not nice, then your har must be wunnerful??? hmmm…

I need advice other than eating right. What kind of
vitamins shampoo conditioner and other treatments
will make my slow growing hair grow….? thanx

akk: Hmmmm.. Quite true. hahahahha..

Brenda: Seriously, I have no idea. Hee.

well i think you should listen to ur mom.
do wat u think looks best to you and how u like it.
do good things for yourself not wat other ppl want you to do.

to help ur hair grow faster…take vitamins….eat a lot of proteins and wen u shampoo ur hair u should massage ur scalp


jackie: Hey, welcome!

I think my Mom always have got this impression that short hair is the best: easy to maintain, and she herself has got short hair. But she said it in such a way that showed her disgust so I went to cut them all off. Sigh.

But anyhow, it’s been a year plus, and I have my long hair back already. =))

Tell yo Moma to Shhhhhhhh! I have a Victoria Beckham ‘Pob’ atm and I see all thease girls like, with long shiny silky plaits and intricate updo’s and im like, oohh shite

It’ll grow! Atm I take Primrose Oil, Kelp and Biotin Vitamins, PLUS I Massage my Scalp with Rosemary Oil ;D

Not a clue if it works like but hey ho

Ho Ho Ho! Merrry Christmas

If it’s not growing jsut ask old St Nick to bring you some hair extentions
- Lovely!!

im just like u Phoebe, I JUST got my hair cut into a VB “pob”. I kinda regret it now cause I had long-ish hair (longest it ever was) and i spent like 5 years growing it. and now im SO SORRY that i got the chop. at least it was manageable and pretty b4. now i look like a man when its wet cause its really curly and UGLY! im dreading summer when i have to go to the beach =(
anywhos, good luck with growing ur hair back, believe me i am in the same posistion, cant wait for mine to be long again. and stupid me i listened to everyone including my mom that my hair would look great short for a “change” SCREW that! lol im listening to the little voice in my head from now on. =)

ew my hair is long but only to my shoulders and totally fried and damaged :( i want it to grow long and silky

I cut my hair a yr ago and it has only grown like 2 inches can someone help me?

ugh… i cut my hair about a month ago pretty short.. kind of like a different version of the victoria beckham hair. i actually LOVED it for like a week. Until i noticed that i couldnt wear it anyway but in the same boring hair style. and i absolutly HAD to straighten and blow dry it errdayyy or otherwise i looked like a poofy man. So for about a month now ive been taking a variety of vitamins. I take a vitamin e, a multi, 5000mcg of biotin, and a gelatin supplement everyday. I dont really know if its been helping, but my hair has grown almost an inch. My hair has always grown fast tho. i cant wait til it grows back again. ive been doing EXSTENSIVE googling to see if i can do anythng to make it grow faster but i havent really found anything substantial besides the vitamin idea. Oh yeah…. i use mane n’ tail shampoo too.

i hate my short hair too, drink lots of milk, masage head with shampoo in it (for blood ciruclation) 3 times a day

hello, my name is andrea an I had a few question .If you hair has breakage how do you stop prevent hair breakage. my hair was long but when I took out my braids my hair was very super short. Why do you think my hair has gotten shorter? But I am a afracian american and I don’t press my hair if you don’t know what it means ”To Straighting Hair” what shampoo can grow my pretty and long hair back?

Hey I got my hair cut and i hate it but here are some good tips.
I heard if you wash your hair with mayonnasie helps make it shiny. Oh and eggs.
wear your hair in braids or pony tails.Try finding good shampoos. Olny put condtioner on the tips of your hair.Channel your roots.Do head stands. Exercise.
Make healthy dissions. Eat vitiam a and c. Olny put shampoo at the roots of your hair.Stay away for heat items like curlers stairtners…..Don’t wash it to much. Get your hair trimed every 6 weeks sure it doesn’t help it grow but it gets ride of all your spilt ends.If you want iny more tips just e-mail me. Oh and don’t get angery make the best of it. Try new styels.Your hair olny grows half an inch a month. Rember its jush hair it will grow back trust me mine did.

omg i hate short hair used to be almost
near my bum hehe and then i got a trim
and its half way down my back :( :(:(
i really need it to grow fast like real quick
but yeah hehe well just use good hair mask
you know and urm well exstantions are
not soo bad i bought a pair of fake hair
for like $7 there great they look soo real
and i can straighen them and wash them
soo yeah sorry if i am no help just wanted to leave a comment hehe

Hair Oil! Try Coconut or Amla (I think its olive??).

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