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Morbid thoughts

Posted by: OLLie on: January 12, 2011

I’m the sort of person who has alot of morbid thoughts ’cause it seems like whatever good stuff that I thought of, or wish for, would never ever come true.

Those morbid thoughts creep into my mind so secretly, and I would often chide myself for having them. But honestly, I really cant help having them! =( They are so morbid that I dont even dare to type them out here.

Is it really that hard for something nice and good to happen at all? Without all these morbid thoughts invading my mind all the time? Sigh.


Posted by: OLLie on: January 3, 2011

Ahhh.. So I havent been blogging for a year or more? That’s pretty amazing since I have been trying to start up new blogs elsewhere, but they all failed under my not so wonderful care.

I no longer create blog entries in my mind like what I do in the past.

I no longer see something amusing and go “Ah! I need to blog that later!”

I no longer follow blogs so diligently, but I guess that’s because most blogs have died down, with more jumping into tweeting (which I can never do so as I’m forever longwinded)?

In the year and a half that I stopped blogging, I would like to think that I have gotten richer (yes! Financial freedom!), but gotten into severe debts from my uni tuition loan, gotten prettier (hey! laoniang does makeup now ok. Don’t play play.), became more materialistic (Burberry! Loves!), and way more jaded than before.

I’m currently trapped in the I’m-broke-a-week-after-payday kinda cycle as I pay off debts every month (24k of debt anyone?), gone from the girl who just apologizes and she would correct the mistakes to shooting off snide email to reprimand the ones at fault, and basically, feeling a little lonely in this world.

I’ve gone for hmmm.. 6 trips since my last post, and got my longchamps slit by bloody pickpockets in China a few weeks back, and my latest New Year’s resolution is to sleep by 11pm (which is erm, not fulfilled tonight). X is getting married this year (tears of joy, envy and reluctance in letting her go)!

Alright, I need to get into the cycle of blogging again. But this really feels good. To be back. :)

Your school has a boy commiting suicide hor?

Posted by: OLLie on: March 17, 2009

The other day while taking the lift down, I met this Indian neighbour whom I have never seen before.

Her (smiling): “Girl, going to work?

Me (thinking: I LOOK SO OLD MEH???? *glances down at the laptop in my hand and concluded it’s the laptop that made me look old*): “No, going to school..” (even managed a meek smile though I felt a little insulted for looking like a working adult.)

Her:Oh, which school?


Her: “Ah. Your school has a boy commiting suicide that day ar?


Me:Erm, my uni, but not my school. There are alot of different schools in the uni.

And thank goodness the lift reached the ground floor before there can be more exchanges between the both of us.

I swear, the whole world is gonna think of a boy commiting suicide the moment someone mentions NTU. =XXX

Mad weather

Posted by: OLLie on: March 8, 2009

The weather recently has been going a little crazy.

It would be super sunny in the early morning before starting to pour like crazy in the afternoon.

And today, it got so freaking sunny as I was walking out that I seriously thought that I would melt into a puddle of OLLie juice.

Am currently obsessed with the korean Meteor Garden aka Boys Over Flowers which has the cutest korean guys ever. I would be screaming at E over the net that they are so freaking cute. *drools*

Another obsession is the korean variety We Got Married which makes my insides go all warm and fuzzy, and choking back my laughters as I’m forever watching them in the lab/office/late night at home.


I’m seriously deprived of excitement in my life such that I turn to these for some colours in my boring life of reading journals/doing experiments and analysis every single bloody day.

How to date me

Posted by: OLLie on: March 4, 2009

I was doing all the personality tests on when I got a little crazy with the “Give me more”s.

If you are dating an Aquarius female, arrive in your restored classic. Wear a funky hat and clothes that shouldn’t go together, but somehow do. Take her to an out of the way coffee house, featuring jazz. Feel free to discuss anything and everything. She is an intelligent listener, and will have some bizarre insight of her own. You’ll never truly understand her, so bring a tape recorder so you can sort it out later.

Aquarius women are unusual, not necessarily hippies, but aware of the entire globe. She won’t be ready to jump in the sack on the first date, she has to get to know you. Be fascinating, tell her that you are going to Spain to run with the bulls. Explain your philosophy on combining chemicals to combat radiation. Tell her about your thesis which was published in the “International Who Dunnit Magazine”. Don’t tell her you are in love with her too soon. You will know when she has taken a strong liking to you. That is when your Aquarius female will invite you to her abode. Then you will see the real Aquarius female. There will be many unusual pictures and books. There is a story connected to all of her belongings. When your Aquarius female commits to you, she will not necessarily be ready for marriage. That is just her way of saying she likes you. You must have like minds, or there will be no future Mrs. Anybody.

This is just so HAHAHA.

Freaking true at the portions where I bold, which is like more than half of the whole text.

Especially the part where “Don’t tell her you are in love with her too soon.“. I’ll just freak and run at the earliest opportunity.

And I’m interested in all interesting and exotic things. Sameness bores the hell outta me. I cant sit still and do the same thing over and over again.

Another thing is that I’m not too focused on the teeny weeny little details. Tiny little details just murders me slowly.

Ah. The things I do when I’m bored at lab. Besides watching “We Got Married” and coughing back my laughter for fear of the opp lab thinking that I’m slacking at lab. I’m just having some waiting time, you know? =DD

My life has no life

Posted by: OLLie on: March 3, 2009

My life has no life to the extent that I seem to be finding the emotional highs and lows from Korean dramas.

Like WTH man.

I laugh when they characters do something dumb. I cry when the story gets sad. I emo when they emo.

Seriously, I need to get a life man. And that doesnt include sitting in front of the comp doing analysis after analysis, looking at numbers all day long, typing formulae etc in order to get a beautiful graph.

Ah. I foresee that in the 3 months to come, there’s gonna be more posts on having no life/I’m stressed/I’m emo’ing ’cause I don’t seem to get the correct results from my experiments.

No life right?

On another note, I’m kinda freaked out while walking to school this morning as I kept thinking of the voice that I heard in the lift. So I stuffed the earphones into my ears and blast the latest Boy Over Flowers OST, telling myself “No, there’s nothing.. There’s nothing..”

I’m staying in lab till 11pm tonight. Wish me lucks.

Ah. New themes

Posted by: OLLie on: March 2, 2009

Ah. New themes are available now.

I can finally change the blog template. Brand new look. =DD

On a different note, I suspect that my school is haunted.

Heard a girl’s voice in the lift just now as the doors were about to close, and there wasnt anyone around! Utterly freaky. And no, I’m not talking about the suicide case in NTU today.

Anyway, what I have always believed in came true: that the only place in the world whereby one can commit suicide at Basement 1 is in NTU.

I’m located on the 3rd level, but I’m 7 storeys away from the ground level (Basement 4). Meaning if I were to jump outta my lab window after getting stressed out by my FYP, I would end up dead too.

Ah. I’m so totally random today, and I blame it on the mind that is going awandering. Sigh.

FYP is a lonely thing

Posted by: OLLie on: February 28, 2009

Doing FYP is such a lonely thing, really.

There’s no one to accompany me in this long lonely race against time, against my experiments, and everything else.

And there’s nothing that anyone can do to help besides telling me to JIAYOU!

I have been hearing so many jiayous, and telling so many people to jiayou that I’m starting to feel helpless. I cant do anything to help, and nobody can help me.


Marathon’ing nose

Posted by: OLLie on: February 26, 2009

I blame the marathon that my nose has been running on the thought that struck me yest:

Eh? Recently I have been very healthy ar? Don’t even need to eat my flu med for quite some time already!

And BAM! I came down with a nose that ran and ran non-stop. As if it was those Kenyan runners running in a marathon.

Imagine having to pipette drugs into my experiments when I’m all gloved up. I had to snatch my gloves off in one swift motion to grab a tissue halfway through my pipetting, which was rather stressful on my s-eh mind.

I don’t wanna fall sick!! I don’t have enough time for my FYP as it is!!


I cant stand it.

Posted by: OLLie on: February 25, 2009

After posting up pictures of the rats that I use for my experiments, I received comments that I’m so cruel, so evil etc etc for using rats in my experiments.

Usually I brush it off without a thought, but the cruel comments are coming at a faster rate  than I can brush them off. And the final straw was when someone asked where to get those rats so that she can set it free.

Like what the hell man.

Seriously, sometimes I find the animals lovers a tad annoying. Not that I abuse animals, kick those kittens at void decks or whatever. But seriously la. Come on man. What I’m doing is for SCIENCE. I’m not doing it for fun. I don’t wanna be greeted as a rat killer, or have people saying I’m cruel every other day.

I don’t get why those animal lovers wanna put a stop to all these animal testings. If we don’t test the drugs on animals, what do we test it on? On grass huh? Then we would have all those environmentalist coming after us, saying we are harming the environment and what’s not.

And where do they think the medicine came from? Drop down directly from the skies? The medicine for heart diseases, skin diseases, and every single disease in the world? If we don’t test it on animals, then shall we use humans for testings instead? So that all the poor little animals shall be spared from all these cruelty?

Yeah, then those ethics people would come after us.

So what’s the best solution? Stop all testings right? So that we would never get any cure for heart diseases, which by the way, is one of the top killers in the world. And no AIDS cure. And no bird flu cure. So all discoveries would come to a halt. And all doctors can just go eat air alright?

And what’s up with buying the white rats for labs to release them into the wild?

Firstly, the white rats reproduce so damn freaking fast that no number bought to be set free in the wild would even make a difference la. And secondly, they would bloody hell cause a pest problem. Creating a new addition to the food chain with no predators to control their numbers.

Like what the hell are those people thinking? I don’t get all those buy a tortoise to set free in the wild or buy whatever to set free in the wild things. Have they ever thought that whatever they bought were bred in large numbers, and have never been exposed to the wild? They would freaking hell die when left to fend for themselves for goodness sake.

The more I type, the more annoyed I get.


And stop calling me a rat killer! Bloody freaking hell. ARGH.

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